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The idea for Sunny Brooks Dairy was born soon after the founder, Sunny Lunia, became a father. He noticed that even a basic commodity like milk was being rendered and resolved to make a change for his daughter, Samayra.

In a pursuit to provide only the best for his child - he volunteered to make the difference at his homegrown farm in Karjat, Maharashtra. Today, Sunny Brooks Dairy is an independent entity with a social cause of providing the best possible quality of A2 milk and milk products in Mumbai.

Sprawled across a few acres of land with a 100 (and growing) Desi Cow’s, Sunny Brooks is here to develop alternatives that contribute to better, healthier living for everyone.


Every product of Sunny Brooks’ A2 milk is pure, unhomogenized, fresh and brought to you with a lot of love.


Milk is a dietary staple as well as a vital source of calcium and protein. There are two types of proteins found in milk - casein and whey. The largest group of proteins found is casein and makes up about 80% of the total protein content.


In normal cow’s milk, A1 and A2 are the beta-casein proteins that are organically found. The difference between the two is small yet significant as it plays a huge role in how the protein is digested.


When A1 protein is broken down, its protein fragment is called BCM-7 which is what causes the dairy discomfort for some. However, when A2 milk is broken down, there is no BCM-7 created.


This structure of the A2 protein is more comparable to human breast milk.



- Easier to digest as opposed to A1 milk, potentially even by those who are considered lactose intolerant

Some are BCM-7 intolerant and therefore, can consume A2 milk and products without having stomach discomforts like gas, bloating and diarrhoea

Unhomogenized and raw

It is a healthier alternative to A1 milk

Pure, farm-fresh and home-delivered


A2 Milk..?

Hand Love

Our Desi


A2 Milk Cow

The Facts:


A few of the desi breeds that produce A2 milk with the highest quality protein are Gir, Rathi and Dangi. The A2 Gir Cow can be identified with a hump on their back and long horns. Studies suggest that the rays of the sun enter their body through the hump thus making milk, urine and dung are medicinal. This is the only way for them to get the Vitamin D which is required to produce calcium in milk.


At Sunny Brooks Dairy the utmost care is taken to optimize only the best quality dairy equipment and keep the Grass Fed Gir Cows very, very happy. It is scientifically proven that happier cows provide better quality and more quantity of milk.


As the largest supplier of A2 milk in Mumbai with ownership of their own herd, the entire team has championed a common goal - to do their best for the cows and invariably, you.

A2 Cow Milk

Sunny Brooks Dairy is the home of Gir Cow Milk in Mumbai. A2 Cow Milk is considered to be the next best after human breast milk. It contains the A2 beta-casein that is easier to digest by most and has a varied number of benefits. The desi cows that produce this milk are mostly grass-fed.



- Better digestion

Lower cholesterol because of high Omega-3

No stomach discomfort

- Increases immunity

Boosts brain power due to the cerebrosides


A2 Cow Ghee

Made from A2 milk that contains A2 beta-casein, A2 Cow Ghee is the purest form of Desi Gir Cow Ghee available. It is grainy in texture owing it to the fact that a low flame was used while making the ghee. Extremely delicious and rich in taste packed with a tantalizing aroma - it complements the food and is high in quality & nutritional value.



- It is known as the best medicine as it can treat gastric issues to broken bones

Lowers cholesterol

Improves immunity and strength

- Regulates metabolism - aiding weight loss

Helps to balance hormones - thereby, helping with PCOD and other hormone-related concerns.

- Great for your heart

- Good moisturizer & massage oil for skin and hair

- Promotes effective digestion

- Nourishes tissues of the body, including the nervous system

  • Is A2 Milk healthier than regular milk?
    Yes, A2 milk is healthier as it is easier to digest.
  • Is A2 Milk more expensive than normal milk?
  • Is A2 Milk good for lactose intolerance?
    It could potentially be but varies from individual to individual.
  • Can raw A2 Milk be given to babies and toddlers?
    Yes, in fact, it is considered the closest thing to human breast milk after boiling.
  • Is Gir Cow Milk A2?
    Not all Gir Cows produce A2 milk. However, Sunny Brooks Dairy cows all provide A2 milk and have been tested for the same.
  • Is A2 milk anti-inflammatory?
    Some studies suggest that BCM-7 is the ingredient that causes inflammation in humans. A2 milk doesn’t have that and therefore, you can see a reduction in signs of stomach discomfort on consumption.
  • Can you drink A2 Milk if you are allergic to casein?
    No, you should not - A2 milk contains all the usual proteins that cow’s milk has besides A1 beta-casein.
  • Is A2 Milk Hormone free?
    Yes, it is hormone and antibiotic-free.
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