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Welcome to the home of A2 Milk.

Healthier, Cleaner, Unhomogenized

Who We Are

Sunny Brook’s Dairy (SBD) is an independent entity with a social cause of providing a healthier version of Milk (A2) and milk products.


Sprawling across an acre in the heart of Karjat, SBD boasts of over 100 desi cows properly fed and pasteurized daily to bring you the best quality of milk, money can buy.


In a country which is predominantly vegetarian, milk is a very important source of nutrition. One needs to make the right choices to seek the best quality.

We live in a world today where even the most basic and common commodity such as milk is adulterated. Being a father now has even further strengthened my resolve to bring about a change.”

-Sunny Lunia



Knowledge is key..

The Science:


Simply put, A2 is cows milk that contains only the A2 type of beta-casein protein rather than the more common A1 protein found in regular milk.

Milk is a great source of calcium and protein. Casein is the largest group of proteins found in milk which makes up about 80% of the total protein content. 


All proteins are long chains of amino acid. Beta Casein is a chain of 229 amino acids in length. Cows who produce this protein in their milk with a Proline at number 67 are called A2 cows.

But many years ago, a mutation - both natural & due to human intervention occurred in this Proline amino acid and began converting it to Histidine. Cows that have this mutated beta-casein are called A1 cows.


BCM-7 is an opioid peptide that is released during the digestion of the protein found in A1 milk. Since it is not absorbed well by the human body, it may trigger adverse health effects, such as digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, allergic reactions, in some cases, it is even associated as a risk factor for type-1 diabetes, coronary heart disease and mental disorders like autism and schizophrenia.




The Facts:


The desi Indian cow is a very unique species and needs to be conserved. One can recognize them because of the hump on their back and long horns. Studies have shown that the rays of sun enter the body of the cow through the hump which makes their milk, dung and urine medicinal. If they are not exposed to the sun, they will not get the Vitamin D required to produce calcium in milk.


The Gir breed or the Dangi & Rathi breeds are few of the desi breeds that produce the A2 milk with the good quality protein but they have been conveniently replaced by the high-yielding cross breed, popularly known as HF or Holstein Friesian in India which provides the A1 variety of milk. If the desi breed gives 8 to 10 litres of milk, the HF variety produces 15 to 20 litres of milk and that makes all the difference. In a bid to feed our growing population we have neglected our native breeds of indigenous cows whose milk was always considered to be medicinal, just in order to meet the goal of mass production.

This has brought us to a situation today where the desi cow has become a dying breed in India. People in other countries are drinking better quality milk from cows native to our own country.


Food for Thought, maybe..?



- Contains Omega-3 fatty acids

Easier to digest, could potentially be digested by those who are considered Lactose Intolerant

Stimulates the Immune system

Builds healthy gut wall which ensures assimilation of all the nutrients

Contains more healthy fat as compared to normal milk. This is good fat because it is naturally occurring and supports our cell structure

By drinking A2 milk, one is no longer exposed to BCM-7 found in A1 milk, which has been linked to:

- Neurological Impairment

- Type 1 Diabetes

- Impaired Immune Response

- Autoimmune Disease

- Heart Disease


Our Products

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Since we are a niche market as of now, we are only taking orders upon request.